Quentin Dujardin - Le Silence des Saisons

The most notable source of inspiration for Quentin Dujardin’s newest album is the relationship between man and nature. Dujardin experiences a sacred dynamic in this relationship, which he tried to capture in his songs.

In the course of years Dujardin created a very personal musical style. His compositions combine influences from classical music, jazz and world music. His experience as a film and television composer add a subtle cinematographic dynamic.

Beautiful collaborations enrich this new production. It is heard in the masterful soaring on Compostela, with the Galiciennes de Ialma marvellously lending their voices to the guitars. There is also the discreet but indispensable presence of Olivier Hernandez, who plays harmonica with finesse and lyricism. In addition, the guitarist revisits the purity of the solo on Marc & Farouk and his slide guitar on Green River & Dany on the road.

The first music video from this new album for the song Baritone premiered at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival (US). Furthermore this music video has also been selected for the Berlin Short Film Festival.