Buscemi - Nite People

Nite People is Buscemi’s 6th solo-album, without any doubt a very diverse album and probably Buscemi’s most pop-related album. Joined by Portugese co-producer Henrique Marques, Dirk composed 12 tracks dedicated to nite life. In the past 15 years Buscemi became a real nighthawk as most of his work as producer, musician and dj happened at night. So it might not come as a surprise that night life is the main inspiration for this album.

Niteculture, nitepeople, nitefashion… Hedonism, escapism, collapsing in an elegant way…

The album features contributions by Luc Van Acker, Anna Domino, Jo Lemaire, Mr P (singer from Sabena), Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-Hooverphonic and ex-Lunascape), Assunta Mandaglio (Balaxy Orchestra), model Lynn Verlayne and sax player Bobbi Suzuki from Japan.